Pioneering the Future
of Orthopaedics

At , we employ AI, digital engineering and additive manufacturing in our Customized Hip Implant Design and Optimization Service, to design personalized hip implants.

From CT scans to hip implants within minutes

We are developing CHIDOS, our Customized Hip Implant Design and Optimization Service, to streamline and accelerate the design of personalized implants, ensuring ease, speed and reliable precision.


Translate CT scans into 3D models and get valuable insights for
pre-operative planning.


Automatic design of custom-made and optimal-fit implants with full procedural control, enabling orthopaedists to input their expert insights.


Structural analysis and advanced Additive Manufacturing techniques ensure the clinical safety and effectiveness of the implant and its optimal biomechanical integration to the end-user.

Artificial intelligence
for the orthopaedic industry

utilizes Artificial Intelligence to rapidly perform complex analyses, thus providing clinicians with advanced assets and patients with the best possible outcome for their hip surgery.

Next generation planning

Join us to combine hip implant design with 3D preoperative planning in a single workflow which is faster, safer and more accessible to everyone.


- Innovative Workflow
- Automated and AI-enabled Design
- Structural Optimization
- Customization and Comfort for All