Our unique solution to
total hip arthroplasty

Design faster and increase preoperative planning precision and patient benefits.

Automation at the Core

From CT scan to customized implant. Use our automated design of optimal-fit implants with full procedural control, enabling orthopedists to input their expert insights.

AI Design

Harness the latest in AI technology for customized hip implant design. Our platform, based on advanced methodologies, revolutionizes the orthopaedic care, bringing you the forefront of medical innovation.

Innovative Workflow

User-friendly web platform designed for easy and fast interactive 3D visualization, design and planning. CHIDOS enhances data analysis, streamlining the decision-making process.

Secure Process

Patient personal data stay on your computer. Assured confidentiality with secure uploads and anonymization of the CT files.

Let's dive a bit deeper.
What does CHIDOS offer?

Translate CT scans into 3D models and get valuable insights for pre-operative planning automatically.

Configure the operation with ease within minutes while you observe the outcome at the same time. Verify anatomical landmarks, craft the ideal osteotomy, plan the post-operative hip biomechanics.

Create a custom implant for each patient, tailored made for their specific needs. Combine it with custom surgical tools for the best surgical outcome.

Select the optimization feature and get a Finite Element Analysis for the optimized implant design. Review the final fit and outcome of all products; implant, rasp, osteotomy guide. Download a custom 3D PDF guide including all the information you need for each unique patient case.