Redesign RapidVent for mass production

August 20, 2020
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3Ψ partnered with the University of West Attica to redesign the RapidVent respirator.  Having originally received plans for 3D printing from the University of Illinois, which produced disposable mechanical respirators with this technology, the possibility of optimizing and producing them was explored. The CAD files were analyzed in order to evaluate their printability resulting in partial redesign in order to limit dimensional variability, acceptable surface finish and make the printing process generally easier, faster, and less expensive. In addition, these modifications make the parts more suitable for casting, if high output is required. Metallic and thermoplastic composite respirators were produced and then tested in real operating conditions, i.e. with oxygen supply resembling a hospital environment. The initial results are considered positive, both in the quality of construction and in their performance. Furthermore, combination of manufacturing technologies is assessed, aiming at high output production.


- Innovative Workflow
- Automated and AI-enabled Design
- Structural Optimization
- Customization and Comfort for All